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Hobo Sale & New Styles! Check out these limited-stock deals, available online only!

Hobo Sale & New Styles! Check out these limited-stock deals, available online only!

Hello Hobo!

Here at the Sassy Bee, we love our Hobo bags and wallets! In case you're not familiar with the brand, Hobo was founded in 1991 and offers an assortment of colored leathers, hides, metallics, and more in a variety of styles with quality that's guaranteed. With so many options, there are colors and styles for every season, occasion, use, and style. 

Online Sale!

Now here's the fun part - head on over to our Hobo Sale section and check out all of the great deals on several styles! Some styles are up to 20% off! This offer is online-only, and we're happy to offer our FREE local delivery and in-store/curbside pickup options. Farther away from the Hive? We can ship, and over $100 ships FREE! Here's one of my personal favorites that's on sale now!


Looking for a new tote or handbag? Meet the Valley, a shoulder bag that's perfect to hold all your accessories. It even features a smartphone pocket on the exterior and adjustable straps. You can find the Valley in the color Brick here (originally $328.00, now $265.00!) 



New Styles Added!

We've also updated our website with even more styles and colors that are available now online! One of the newer colors is Garnet, which happens to be January's birthstone! This deep hued color is bold yet timeless, and is the perfect accent color available in several different styles! 

Other new styles and colors are online now - simply head over to the Hobo section by clicking here or from the Bags & Totes menu. Let us know below which is your favorite!

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Bee Mine! Coyer Candle Co. Valentine's Collection Spotlight

Bee Mine! Coyer Candle Co. Valentine's Collection Spotlight

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season coming to a close, we can't forget that another holiday is right around the corner - Valentine's Day! We're so excited to share with you a NEW product collection available in stores and online. Coyer Candle Co. was founded in 2008 in Midland, Michigan and offers a variety of hand-poured soy wax candles. Today, we're going to share with you their Valentine's Day collection! Each candle makes a perfectly scented gift for the ones you love! These candles are each hand-poured into 8 ounce mason jars and are available in 5 scents.

Valentine's Day Collection Scents 

 The scent Happy Valentine's Day is aptly named, as it's the perfect decadent fragrance for the holiday! Happy Valentine's Day is colored brightly red and features notes of strawberries and cupcakes and smells good enough to eat! We do NOT recommend trying it, though ☺. 

The next scent, Cupid's Arrow, also comes in a beautiful red color. Cupid's Arrow is sure to sweeten you day, with fragrance notes of gooey maple and pecans. 


Next up is Love Potion! This candle is a reddish purple color and brings a sense of coziness and warmth into the room with fragrance notes of mulberries and cider. 
Looking for a scent that's a bit less sweet? Then you should try the next scent, Good For 1 Free Hug! This candle is a cheery pink color and has fragrance notes of musk and coconut and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
Last (but certainly not least!) is a candle that's perfect for all of the Star Wars fans out there! With a name like "You're the Obi-Wan for Me," this candle is sure to make your sci-fi friends and loved ones smile with joy. This candle is dye-free, and features fragrance notes of vanilla and sweet frosting. Yum! 
You can check out all of the Coyer Candle Co. Valentine's Candles here! Which one is your favorite? Let us know below!
There's even MORE Valentine's day gifts and decor available online, simply head over to the Valentine's Day section by clicking here or come in and see us! 
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Collection Spotlight - Votivo Holiday Fragrances

Collection Spotlight - Votivo Holiday Fragrances

As the weather begins to get chilly, warm up inside and enjoy one of Votivo's signature holiday fragrances! Votivo launched in 1994 and was one of the first luxury candle lines to be domestically made. They soon gained a reputation for their superior fragrances and quality packaging. Here at the Sassy Bee, we have carried several of Votivo's well known fragrances year round. This holiday season, we are excited to bring you their Holiday Candle collection, available in store and online! The holiday collection has three luxurious fragrances that are sure to spread holiday cheer and truly make you feel right at home for the holidays!

All three of these fragrances are available as 10oz candles, votive candles, and reed diffuser sets!

Red Currant

Red Currant is one of our best sellers from the Votivo line! While you can pick up red currant year-round, now you can get your favorite scent in special edition holiday packaging. The Red Currant fragrance opens with galbanum, cassis, and citrus followed by floral stories of geranium and rose. Full-bodied black currant tamed by sugar and fruity musk remarkably finishes the fragrance. 
You can find the Red Currant Holiday Candle here

Icy Blue Pine

Icy Blue Pine is the perfect fragrance if you can't get enough of that crisp, wintery scent of freshly cut pine trees. Prickly pine potency at its finest, Icy Blue Pine highlights resinous, honeyed fir balsam in combination with frosty, cooling notes of camphor, cedar leaf, and eucalyptus. These aldehydic and aqueous notes provide a snowy fresh backdrop enriched by an earthy culmination of moss, cedar, and patchouli.

Check out the Icy Blue Pine Reed Diffuser here

Joie De Noel

Looking for a fragrance with a bit more holiday spice? Celebrated for its crisp, green fir needle underpinnings, Joie de Noel utilizes supporting notes of cinnamon, clove, and orange to stir holiday nostalgia. Further elaborating on the fir concept, the essence of patchouli and cedar intensify the earthy root. A unique harmonization of tonka, lavender, and neroli draw out a fougere aspect, which easily transitions the fragrance to be enjoyed year-round.

Looking for a hostess gift? Check out the Joie De Noel Holiday Votive Candle here!

What is your favorite Votivo fragrance? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading today's Buzz and be sure to check out the full Votivo Holiday Collection in the Christmas Section or by clicking the link here!

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Newly added Richmond & Virginia decor available now!

Newly added Richmond & Virginia decor available now!

The metro Richmond area is home to the Sassy Bee hive and many of our friends! Today's buzz is a sneak peek at brand new Virginia themed decor and gifts we have in store that we can't wait to show you!

Tea Towels

These tea towels are available in two options. If you're local, the Richmond towel features landmarks and local favorite spots! Some of the notable locations include Monument Avenue, Belle Isle, the VMFA, the Richmond Skyline, and Byrd Theater. If you're not local to the Richmond area, we've got you covered too. Our Virginia Towel features designs of landmarks and well-known areas throughout the state, such as Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Arlington, and more! 

You can find the Richmond towel here and the Virginia towel here.

Cardinal Ornaments


The cardinal is the state bird of Virginia, and we think that these bright red birds are the perfect addition to any Christmas tree. For a realistic touch, check out the Cardinal Clip on Ornament. This vibrant feathered bird measures 6.5" and is a clip on, making him perfect to nestle into a tree or display on a wreath or greenery swag. For some pizzazz, we absolutely love the Beaded Cardinal Ornament! This felted ornament is covered in glitzy beads and has bright red tail feathers. For a subtle yet elegant nod to the cardinal or any red bird, the crystal red bird ornament is the perfect way to go. This bird stands out when illuminated by the lights on the tree, and is made of shatterproof acrylic to last for many more Christmases to come! 

You can find the cardinal clip on here, the beaded cardinal here, and the crystal red bird here.

Looking for more Virginia-related gifts?

There's even MORE new Virginia and Richmond related gifts and decor that have been added online! Be sure to check out the Richmond/Virginia section on our store to find all of the items listed above and so much more! You can head over to the Richmond/Virginia section by clicking here! You can also find all of these items in store now at the Sassy Bee, so be sure to come by and check out what's new!

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Halloween is here at the Sassy Bee Hive!

Halloween is here at the Sassy Bee Hive!

Get excited, because it's officially spooky season here at the Sassy Bee! Looking for ways to bring a bit of the Halloween spirit to your home? We've got you covered! We have plenty of Happy Everything and Nora Fleming attachments and minis perfect for adorning your favorite dishes and trays, ranging from pumpkins to witch hats, and so much more! Of course, you can't forget the Halloween snacks and treats! We've got you covered!

Halloween Recipe Tea Towels

Get into the spooky spirit by baking up some delicious spooky treats with these adorable recipe tea towels. Available in three styles with each featuring a different recipe, these towel sets make great gifts! Each towel set includes a cotton canvas towel with a recipe and a Halloween shape cookie cutter. Choose from Halloween sprinkle cookies, swirl cream cheese brownies, and dark chocolate chip cookies!

You can find the Halloween Recipe Tea Towels here

Halloween Magnets

Looking for Halloween decor? Check out these newly added wooden Halloween magnets! Each one features a cute character - from pumpkins to bats - with glitter details that are sure to make these magnets stand out! These magnets are perfect to decorate your refrigerator, white boards, filing cabinets, and more! Which one is your favorite? Let us know below!

You can find the halloween magnets here.


Be sure to head on over to our Fall section under the Holidays tab on our home page to find even more decorations perfect to help you celebrate the arrival of Spooky Season! 

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Ella B. Candles Spotlight and Restock!

Ella B. Candles Spotlight and Restock!

Today's Buzz is all about Ella B. Candles which are one of our favorites here at the Sassy Bee! Back in 2011, Ella B. named their first batch of candles after a local neighborhood, Myers Park, in North Carolina. After the initial success of the Myers Park candle, they began receiving requests for surrounding neighborhoods in the Charlotte area. With each additional candle, a new fragrance was created. Today, Ella B creates candles for communities across the country unique to their own neighborhoods! 

Ella B. at Sassy Bee

Here at the Sassy Bee, we carry a variety of Ella B. Candles for neighborhoods and areas surrounding our little hive! From Happily Ever Halsley to Oh So Salisbury - and SO much more, we've got you covered! Each candle has a unique scent to pay homage to the area it represents. These candles make the perfect housewarming gifts to make your neighbors feel right at home. We also carry candles for less specific areas, such as Eight Ohhhhh Four, At the Rivah, RVA, and more! These hand-poured candles come packaged in a box, tied with a bow, and perfectly ready to gift! Made of natural soy wax, each candle burns approximately 75-80 hours due to the cleaner and slower burn time when compared to traditional candles. 
You can view all of our available neighborhood candles here!

Restocked & Ready! Newly added Friend Candles!

We're also excited to share that we've restocked many of our neighborhood candles online and in stores. Additionally, we recently received more of our Sweet Friend Votive Candles! These votives, with their brightly colored bows, are a perfect way to show your appreciation for your loved ones and friends. With fragrance notes of lemon zest and vanilla, these votives are sure to bring joy and warmth to your home. Check out the Sweet Friend Votives here.
That's all for today's Buzz! Come check out our collection of Ella B. Candles in store or shop online! 
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Pre-Order Old World Christmas Santa with Face Mask, Toilet Paper, and Hand Sanitizer Ornaments

Old World Christmas 2020 Ornaments!

Today's Buzz is about one of our customer favorites right now - Old World Christmas 2020 Ornaments! While COVID has greatly changed the way of life in the past year, here at the Sassy Bee, we're still thrilled to be gearing up for the holiday season! 

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper had never made headlines like it did earlier in the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Toilet paper was difficult to find in stores and online. People stockpiled it, fought in stores over it and even created a TP bootleg market! 2020 will be a year to remember for decades for sure! Commemorate 2020 with an ornament of the highest demand product, toilet paper! Shop the toilet paper ornament here

Masked Santa

Here at the Sassy Bee, we never thought face masks would be the new go-to accessory, that's for sure! And of course, Santa wants to keep you and his friends at the North Pole safe this Christmas, so he's wearing a mask. You may not see Santa's smile behind the mask but the twinkle in his eyes will let you know that he's happy to see you're on his nice list this year! Shop the Santa with Face Mask Ornament here.

Hand Sanitizer

In 2020, hand sanitizer took on a new smell, and we don't know about all of you, but we sure miss good ol' standard purell! Hand sanitizer is a liquid, gel or foam used to decrease germs and bacteria on the hands and has been, along with toilet paper, a hot commodity in 2020, leading to bans online sellers some of whom were charging over $100 for a small bottle during the COVID-19 Crisis.  Ahhh...memories.... Hopefully in the future, seeing this funny little ornament come out of storage at Christmas time will make us all look back on these crazy times! Shop the Hand Sanitizer Ornament here.

Here's to gearing up for the Holidays!

We'll be adding more holiday products online, so keep an eye out. Thanks for reading today's Buzz and have a great weekend! 

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Spa Day Gift Ideas with Spongelle!

Spa Day Gift Ideas with Spongelle!

With the weather starting to get colder, there's never been a more perfect time to have an at-home spa day! Whether you want to put together a gift for a friend or simply treat yourself, we've got some ideas to help you. We recently added one of our customer favorites online - Spongelle Wildflower Sponges! These sponges have soap infused within them and can be used for 14+ washes! They come in 8 different colors and fragrances and are sure to leave your skin feeling soft!

Looking to put together a gift? Check out this super cute idea featuring the Coconut Verbena Spongelle, with fragrance notes of coconut, peach, jasmine, floral, amber, and lemon! Pair it with a matching makeup removing towel and add in a Natural Jade Massage Roller, which provides a gentle cooling massage for your face and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! It also pairs perfectly with your favorite moisturizer or serum and promotes deep absorption of your products!

We've also put together another cute gift idea for those who live by the motto, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink!" This set features the Bulgarian Rose Spongelle, with fragrance notes of rose, orange, strawberry, white flowers, cloves, jasmine, and amber! Add in a matching makeup removing towel, which removes even the toughest waterproof makeup with no additional products, only warm water! Lastly, enjoy a relaxing soak with the Sweet Grace Bath Bomb, which features fragrance notes of passion fruit, sparkling tea, and classic patchouli.

As always, we offer FREE gift wrapping, simply specify in the notes at checkout and our busy bees will make sure you've got an adorably wrapped present ready for gifting! Check out our other Spongelle Fragrances here, and let us know in the comments which is your favorite! Thanks for reading today's Buzz and have a great weekend!

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The Latest Buzz on September Savings Flash Sales!

The Latest Buzz on September Savings Flash Sales!

Find out more about our September Savings and awesome limited time deals!
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Dog Lovers Unite! Check out these gift ideas

Dog Lovers Unite! Check out these gift ideas

The best part about working from home in 2020? More time to spend with your dogs! Do you have a dog lover in your life, or want to show off your own love of your four-legged friend? Check out some of these cool dog themed products. 

dog bagDoggy bag has a whole new meaning with this adorable tote bag! Featuring an adorable dog created by artist Dan DiPaolo, this bag display a great motto - "All you need is LOVE and a dog." (Definitely something to live by!). Another bonus? It's made from recycled post-consumer materials! Grab the Dog Love Tote here.   

Whether you're working from home or just cuddling up on the couch with your pup, enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea in this super cute dog themed mug! It reads "home is where someone always runs to greet you!" and features a cute polka dotted handle and dog house and dog bones painted on. Check it out here!

  While the past year has been a bit stressful for so many of us, this little sign is sure to make you smile and laugh. Another product designed by artist Dan DiPaolo, this cheerful sign reads "Handle every stressful situation like a dog... if you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away." You can find this sign here!


Want to show your love of animals wherever you go? We've got you covered! Check out this super cool, hand-drawn paw print sticker, perfect for showing off your dog appreciation on your car, laptop, tablet, mug, or more!

Looking for more dog items? We have even more options available in store! As always, we offer complimentary giftwrapping! If you're more of a cat lover, don't worry! We'll be sharing some great gift ideas for you next time here on the Buzz!
















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Fall Favorites!

Fall Favorites!

While we're sad that summer is slowly winding down, fall is around the corner! It's about to be time for pumpkins, cider, hay rides, cozy sweaters, and jumping in piles of leaves. Get a head start on fall here at the Sassy Bee by heading over to our fall section. Today, we're going to share some of our favorite fall finds here at Sassy Bee!  


Love pumpkins? We do! These woven pumpkins are such a cute way to add a touch of fall to your home decor. Available in 3 colors and two sizes, each pumpkin has a feather detail and wooden stems! 

Find the orange pumpkin here and the smaller woven pumpkins here!


Thymes Fall Candles



Looking for a new fall scented candle? Check out Thyme's Simmered Cider line of candles! The smell of warm spiced cider will leave your home smelling cozy and warm! This fall favorite scent is offered in votives, room sprays, tins, and more!

Check out the candle shown above here





Happy fall, y'all! 

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Say I do! to Wedding Gifts!

Say I do! to Wedding Gifts!

This just in! New wedding items have been added to our online shop here at Sassy Bee. Whether you're a bride-to-be looking to put together bridesmaid gifts, or you want to find something special for any newlyweds in your life, we've got you covered! Want something gift wrapped? Let us know in the notes at checkout and specify you'd like it wrapped for a wedding! 

One of our favorite gift ideas for newlyweds is picking out a Nora Fleming base and a wedding themed mini! Our busy bees will wrap the box of the base in wedding paper, secure the mini in a cellophane bag with tissue, and tie it all together with a big bow! 

Like this idea? Get the Pedestal Server here and the Bride & Groom mini here

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