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Live Out Loud - Large


Live Out Loud is a reminder to Be Authentically You. Each piece is hand-painted with lots of love by the amazing talented Jeanetta Gonzales - an artist, speaker, coach and self-described free-spirit. 
"I'd love for you to wear these proudly and make an impact showing your true self and authentic style. Be you and share your beauty with the world." - Jeanetta Gonzales (@nettdesigns)

It's all in the details:

LIGHT AS A FEATHER: These lightweight earrings will give you the bold statement you love and keep your ears happy!

HAPPINESS IS HANDMADE: Each piece is hand-painted by Jeanetta herself and beautifully made into jewelry by one of our artisans taking even the smallest details to heart. Each piece is unique therefore the texture of the leather will vary slightly.

HYPOALLERGENIC BEAUTY: Surgical-grade, Stainless Steel. Nickel Free.

MADE IN USA: Richmond, Virginia to be exact

About the Artist: Jeanetta celebrates the beauty of the imperfect, finding inspiration in the curves, colors and textures that surround us. Just like her designs, Jeanetta is bright, bold, and has a lovely energy that is beautifully contagious. Join us in welcoming Jeanetta, with big open arms, to our KEVA Artisan series.