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Ella B. Candles Spotlight and Restock!

Ella B. Candles Spotlight and Restock!

Today's Buzz is all about Ella B. Candles which are one of our favorites here at the Sassy Bee! Back in 2011, Ella B. named their first batch of candles after a local neighborhood, Myers Park, in North Carolina. After the initial success of the Myers Park candle, they began receiving requests for surrounding neighborhoods in the Charlotte area. With each additional candle, a new fragrance was created. Today, Ella B creates candles for communities across the country unique to their own neighborhoods! 

Ella B. at Sassy Bee

Here at the Sassy Bee, we carry a variety of Ella B. Candles for neighborhoods and areas surrounding our little hive! From Happily Ever Halsley to Oh So Salisbury - and SO much more, we've got you covered! Each candle has a unique scent to pay homage to the area it represents. These candles make the perfect housewarming gifts to make your neighbors feel right at home. We also carry candles for less specific areas, such as Eight Ohhhhh Four, At the Rivah, RVA, and more! These hand-poured candles come packaged in a box, tied with a bow, and perfectly ready to gift! Made of natural soy wax, each candle burns approximately 75-80 hours due to the cleaner and slower burn time when compared to traditional candles. 
You can view all of our available neighborhood candles here!

Restocked & Ready! Newly added Friend Candles!

We're also excited to share that we've restocked many of our neighborhood candles online and in stores. Additionally, we recently received more of our Sweet Friend Votive Candles! These votives, with their brightly colored bows, are a perfect way to show your appreciation for your loved ones and friends. With fragrance notes of lemon zest and vanilla, these votives are sure to bring joy and warmth to your home. Check out the Sweet Friend Votives here.
That's all for today's Buzz! Come check out our collection of Ella B. Candles in store or shop online! 

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